Dutch as a Second Language for beginners and advance

Dutch as a Second Language for beginners and advance
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About the Course

Welcome to our exclusive Dutch as a Second Language course for beginners! If you’ve been looking to kickstart your Dutch language journey from the comfort of your own space, our online private courses are the perfect fit for you.

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Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)

Would you like to learn Dutch as a second language? This course gives you the opportunity to quickly prepare for the NT2 state exam. You can easily follow this NT2 course through IBBIB Lingua.

We provide a personal teacher who conducts Dutch lessons from English, Italian and Indonesian online via Google Meet, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world to master your Dutch skills.

Speaking and translating in Dutch has never been easier. It’s easier than you think.

Do you want to learn Dutch as a second language and achieve level A1 till B2? We have the perfect solution for you!

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L’olandese come seconda lingua (NT2)

Vorreste imparare bene l’olandese come seconda lingua? Questo corso vi dà così in breve tempo la possibilità di sostenere l’esame di stato NT2. Potete facilmente seguire questo corso NT2 tramite IBBIBLingua.

Lo facciamo con un insegnante personale che impartisce le lezioni di olandese dall’italiano on line tramite Google Meet e potete lavorare da qualsiasi parte del mondo per padroneggiare il vostro olandese.

Parlare e tradurre in olandese non è mai stato così difficile. È più facile di quello pensate.

Vorreste imparare l’olandese come seconda lingua per poi conseguire il livello A1 fino a B2?

Noi abbiamo la giusta soluzione per voi!

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    Why choose our Dutch as a Second Language course?

    • Personalized Learning Experience: Our online private courses ensure that you receive personalized attention tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced instructors will work closely with you to understand your learning style, goals, and pace, creating a customized curriculum that maximizes your progress.

    • Beginner-Friendly Approach: If you’re new to Dutch, don’t worry! Our course is specially designed for beginners with little or no prior knowledge of the language. We’ll start from the basics, laying a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, ensuring you feel confident right from the start.

    • Flexible Scheduling: We understand that life can be hectic, and finding time for language learning might be challenging. That’s why our online private courses offer flexibility in scheduling. You can choose the days and times that suit you best, enabling you to balance your Dutch lessons with your other commitments seamlessly.

    • One-on-One Interaction: With our private courses, you’ll enjoy undivided attention from your dedicated instructor. This means more speaking practice, instant feedback, and a comfortable space to ask questions and clarify doubts. Your progress is our priority!

    • Interactive Learning Materials: Learning Dutch with us is anything but dull. We utilize engaging and interactive learning materials to make your language journey enjoyable and effective. From multimedia resources to real-life exercises, you’ll experience a dynamic learning environment that keeps you motivated and excited.

    • Build Your Speaking Confidence: Communicating in a new language can be intimidating, but our private courses are designed to boost your speaking confidence. Through conversational practice and role-playing scenarios, you’ll gain the ability to express yourself in Dutch confidently.

    • Access to Resources: Our online platform provides you with access to a wealth of learning resources, including exercises, language games, and supplementary materials. These resources are available to you throughout your course, enabling you to reinforce your learning at your own pace.

    • Measureable Progress: Our private courses are structured to track your progress systematically. Regular assessments and evaluations ensure that you stay on track and steadily advance in your language proficiency. Celebrate your achievements and see how far you’ve come!



    Whether you’re learning Dutch for personal or professional reasons, our Dutch as a Second Language course for beginners offers a rewarding and convenient learning experience. Join us now, and let’s embark on this language journey together!

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    24 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014
    Room 32

    Wira’s lessons are amazing. I really appreciate how much time and effort he put into his lessons. He is a really good teacher. If you don’t understand something he is willing to explain it to you until you completely understand. Wira always asks for feedback and what he could change and he takes your feedback really seriously. I like that he is flexible which make the Dutch lessons even more enjoyable. He is really empathetic and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. I am super thankful that he taught me so much. I’m looking forward to learn more Dutch with his help.

    Marie- Sophie Imbach

    Wira è un insegnante gentile e paziente, è una gioia lavorare con lui!

    Francesca Giombini

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