We offer also Indonesian/Bahasa Indonesia language courses.

Indonesian Online Language Course

“Selamat datang” (Welcome) to our Indonesian Online Language Course. We offer Indonesian/Bahasa Indonesia courses given by a native speaker. Since a lot of people are busy with their job, we think the best option to learn languages is to work in tranquility from home through Skype. The course will be given exclusively to you, so it is up to you which level and which topic you want to learn about or deepen. It can include the Indonesian grammer, conversation, culture etc. The course will be given in English and Dutch. You can start whenever you like, arrange a suitable time when you want to follow the course and for how long. Please leave a note if you are interested in the Indonesian Online Language Course and we will then provide the details of the course. In the end we would like to say “sampai jumpa”, which means “till soon”.


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